Henbury landscape gets the top tick


Henbury School has scored first place in the SA/NT section of Australia By Design: Landscapes, the televised six part series examining 30 of the nation’s best landscape designs.

The school for students with disabilities was marked highly for incorporating colour, play space diversity, sensory stimulation, and native plants to generate biodiversity and withstand climatic extremes.

The green space islands bordered by shrubs and peppered with trees, is an environment in which children can be more expressive in play as they swap the classroom for the open classroom, and the peripheral areas beyond.

Principal Carolyn Edwards said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to design for a special school from scratch; so (a) greenfield site.

“The end result is we have a school where students have opportunities to be quiet, they can have opportunities to run around, and when students have those opportunities at recess and lunchtimes, they’re ready to go back into class and do their work.”

Henbury School birds eye view

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