Gunbalanya students create built environments


Fifty Gunbalanya School students are enhancing their literacy skills by constructing two-dimensional buildings and other infrastructure.

The years 1 to 3 children are undertaking the four-week Community and People unit, and developing an understanding of project plans created with diagrams and words.

Teacher Rachel Neal said: “The students have been examining natural and man-made places in Gunbalanya, devising building plans and manufacturing structures using icy pole sticks.

“The natural places visited by the students include Injalak Hill and the billabongs and waterfalls surrounding Gunbalanya, and the man-made places include our school, shop, youth centre and football oval.

“The children have project suggestions, but a town library and a water park at the swimming pool are most commonly constructed.

“We inspect historical photos of Gunbalanya, and visit sites to examine buildings still standing and explain why some survive in the tropics, even when exposed to natural calamities such as floods and cyclones.”

Gunbalanya students create built environments

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