Expo is window on the natural world


The artistry of 100 students from Nightcliff Primary School and Darwin Middle School is the focus of an exhibition at the Lucky Bat Café in Nightcliff.

The gallery of linoleum print works are interpretations of the theme: Flora and Fauna of Australia — Student Depiction in Print, and the official opening on 10 April attracted about 130 people.

The designs were inspired by life drawing workshops featuring several native animals, including carpet pythons, frill neck lizards, magpie geese and a Tawny Frogmouth.

Nightcliff Primary School senior staff, Briseis More, said the artists were obedient to the demands of “form, space, line and texture, as imperatives of design”.

“Lino print is a very expressive and challenging medium, but it excited the imaginations of the students and enhanced their knowledge and understanding of the natural world and its inhabitants,” she said.

“Using art we can emphasise a culture of conservation and resource sustainability, and hope to shape the next generation of environmental custodians.”

The project involved naturalist and primary school teacher Erin Costelloe, and middle school art teacher Charlee Shone. The exposition closes on 7 May 2018.

Expo is window on the natural world

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