Environment awards collected by city and remote school


Two Territory schools have claimed major awards for their environment programs.

Parap Primary School is the winner of the 2018 NT Eco-Schools Clean Green Healthy School Award. Remote Areyonga School received the 2018 Territory Tidy Towns School Highly Commendable Award.

Parap Primary School was lauded for its resource sustainability projects, including recycling, anti-litter signage, the use of solar energy, a weather station that governs the irrigation system, planting native trees, and the student-led Eco-Warriors Program.

Teacher Chelsea Collins said the school addresses “real world problems” considered within each term’s “global concept”.

“Teachers guide their student’s learning with essential questions that shape inquiry, igniting curiosity within the learner about their immediate environment and the world at large,” she said. “This constantly advances healthy social and environmental outcomes.

“Teachers aim to develop the knowledge, skills, values and world views around sustainability. We found that Eco-Schools is an excellent framework to help students participate critically, and act creatively, around sustainable ways of living.

“One of our outstanding environmental initiatives has been the production of Boomerang Bags. The colourful reusable bags were the brainchild of our Eco Warriors, and they have been distributed at markets and local shops to replace single use plastic bags. They create greater awareness of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Ayeronga School was honoured for its focus on societal health and sustainability, in which students are activists for community wellbeing and environmental care.

Principal Jonathon Fernando said the students are leading the way in recycling and litter reduction.“Areyonga School and the MacDonnell Regional Council have been working together to educate the students, parents and wider community, on the importance of looking after ‘country’, in particular focusing on cleanliness,” he said.

“Together we have completed rubbish collections in partnership with council workers, educated the students on recycling, and are currently in the process of establishing a sustainable garden out of recycled materials to further educate the students on healthy living.

“We have made a garden bed out of materials from the town tip, we have recycling and normal bins, and education about the importance of disposing of waste in the bins, and the students have been taught about recycling in class and have been on excursions to the recycling plant.

“A lot of energy is going into educating the younger generation. It’s a lot harder to change mindsets and habits that are lifelong, but attitudes established at school creates hope for the future."

territory tidy towns award winners

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