Eco-warriors become twitchers in bird reckoning


Nightcliff Primary School students became junior birders in the recent national Aussie Backyard Bird Count.

The annual census, conducted by Bird Life Australia, contributes to information about birds living in urban areas.

Accompanied by assistant principal Jill Finch, and teacher Erin Costelloe, the students spent 20 minutes each day observing and recording species that frequent the school grounds.

Erin Costelloe said: “A total of 21 species were recorded throughout the week, demonstrating we have a broad range of species living on the grounds.

“Those seen included the Australasian Figbird, Bar-shouldered Dove, Brown Honeyeater and Square-tailed Kite, but the most abundant birds were Blue-faced honeyeaters.

“To help with species identification, students used bird books and computers, and binoculars and an interactive bird chart donated by Darwin City Council.”

The council’s senior climate change and environmental officer, Jade Leask, conducted a counting session.

Of the information collected, Jill Finch said: “The students wrote a report for the school newsletter and spoke at an assembly to notify students, parents, and the school community.

“The daily count was entered on the Aussie Backyard Bird Count App, which feeds data directly to Birdlife Australia. This is the third year we have completed the count at Nightcliff Primary School.”

Nightcliff Primary School Students Bird Watching

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