Clyde Fenton’s eye arresting chooks to feature at local show


Young artists from Clyde Fenton Primary School have been sculpting papier mâché chickens in an eight-week project preceding the Katherine Show.

The Grade 5/6 builders of the fiery-coloured, highly ornamented paper and adhesive birds are preparing their ‘chooks’ for display at the popular regional show, slated for 20 July.

Teacher Lyndel Rawlings said: “Art extends and deepens children’s experiences, sharpening their perceptions and enhancing their critical abilities.

“I think there were times when some students wondered why they’d tackled the task. But as the finishing touches are being added, their chickens are taking on individual characters and the students are thrilled.”

Ruby Rosas, Poppi-May Crowder and Eugene Bolton, enjoy the versatility of art and their ability to produce something unique.

Ruby said: “I enjoyed making the chooks because we got to express our creativity.” Eugene agreed, adding: “You had to use your imagination.”

Poppi-May commented on diversity in their art: “I love the way the chooks all have different personalities.”


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