Clyde Fenton girls trounce all comers in footy play-off


A girl’s football team from Clyde Fenton Primary School scored a resounding 47 point victory over grand final opponents Jingili Primary School at TIO Stadium on 5 April.

Buoyed by a string of successes in the six game semi-final and final qualifiers, the 12 Katherine-based winners stamped their authority on the final, allowing their rivals no opportunity to gain traction.

Before the AFL Northern Territory tournament the years 4, 5 and 6 students had never played AFL together, making their crushing conquests at the one-day event all the more remarkable.

The team was at score parity in the first half of the semi-final and grand final matches, but pump-up speeches by coach Miss Lansdown spurred the girls to redouble their efforts and win convincingly.

Principal Jeff Parker said: “We are immensely proud of the girls, who only began training together from the beginning of the year. Many sides in the competition hadn’t played before, but there were standout players that really challenged our girls.

“The team identified their strengths and weaknesses, reviewed their performance after each game, and worked really hard for every victory in the round robin series.

“When the final siren went, our senior staffer Donna Capes and I jumped for joy, and the girls threw their hands in the air and began running towards us. It was a moment I will never forget.

“My priority is to get a junior’s competition running in Katherine so our team can continually hone their skills.”

Clyde Fenton girls

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