Centralian students meet rangers for a unique learning experience

Hamilton Downs Station recently hosted the Central Land Council’s week-long ranger camp, and Amunturrngu Community College students attended as representatives of the first school to ever be invited to the annual gathering.

The Mount Leibig college is about 325km west of Alice Springs. Employment pathways teacher Jeff Hulcome said: “The camp allows the 11 Central Australian ranger groups and invitees to meet, discuss issues, and undertake training courses.

“The occasion was an opportunity for some of our employment pathways students to meet CLC staff, learn about ranger support services, and the scale and intricacies of the council’s land management section.

“They became acquainted with high ranking rangers and former rangers, and witnessed the launch of the Bilby Blitz, a major conservation project aimed at protecting the desert marsupial.”

The students were introduced to a range of skills, including snake handling, cat trapping, and bilby survey techniques.

Last updated: 11 April 2018