Water, water, everywhere

An excursion to Darwin River Dam was an exciting eye-opener for two Year 5/6 classes from Karama Primary School.

The 15 August visit by the 33 students was a practical extension of their research into the use of water in Darwin, and its dam to cup migration.

Teacher Zowie Sumendra said the children were fascinated by the size of the 55 square kilometre dam, the dynamics of dam water, and the resident wildlife, including kites, hawks, a crow and a freshwater crocodile.

“The students learnt Darwin uses 800 to 2000 litres of water each second, and annually we lose by evaporation the same amount we use,” she said.

“We are working in class to decide ways of conserving water at school, at home, and in the community.”

The students were addressed by Joel Spry (pictured) of PowerWater’s Living Water Smart team.


Last updated: 16 October 2017