The definite career of Tess Fitzgerald


A Palmerston College student with aspirations to become a doctor joined 27 international students at a mid-year pre-medical program in London.

During the two-week experience, collegian Tess Fitzgerald attended lectures and information sessions, conversed with past and present medical students, and qualified in first aid before embarking on “confrontational hands-on encounters with donated cadavers”.

“Some students fainted, but I found the exposure only reinforced my desire to study the human body,” she said. “I visited state of the art medical schools and participated in interactive workshops and clinical skills’ sessions, undertaking cannulations, injections, and taking blood from life-like dummies. To successfully execute these everyday practices, it took more skill and effort than I originally thought.

“The dissections, involving dead adult pigs, were amazing and highly informative. The realities of surgery became apparent in the removal of eyeballs, a brain, the amputation of legs, and in completing a heart transplant between the animals.

“My time in a palliative care unit gave me insights into the difficulties faced by loved ones, and through workshops I learned about mentally ill and emotionally challenged patients.

“I’ve returned with greater confidence, broader horizons, and a stronger will and determination to become a doctor.”

Tess intends studying medicine next year.

Tess Fitzgerald

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