The bits and pieces sign

Ampilatwatja School students in remote Central Australia have recycled junk to create a nine-metre sign for the front fence of the school.

The miscellaneous items — including car parts, bike wheels, a mini scooter, rubber housing and springs — were arranged into the word AMPILATWATJA.

Art teacher Susan Davidson said: “The years 7, 8 and 9 students took seven hours to construct the sculpture, which included the collection, cleaning and spray painting of the components.

“It’s good to see the students thinking about recycling rubbish creatively, and they loved using spray paint in a constructive, not a destructive way.

“As a secondary school art teacher I am constantly looking for ways to fire the imaginations of my students, and provide them with avenues for artistic expression using resources available in the community.”

The sign was the brainchild of Ms Davidson, and an extension of the idea behind a small sculpture park of recycled objects she erected in her front garden.

“The project complements other student made sculptures in the school, including painted wheel rims on a star picket, and a six-burner electric stove top attached to a metal frame in the schoolyard.”

Sculpture sign

Slupture Sign