Students give voice to new perspectives

Student leaders are using new techniques to identify and address student-related issues at Taminmin College.

Assistant principal Robert McIntosh said the leaders — chosen from years 7 to 12 — are traditionally involved in decision making, but in a “unique approach” are now exploring “underlying issues and the student mentalities that create them”.

“Once identified, we can work out ways to alter that mentality in an exploratory and engaging manner,” he said. “We’ve adopted a ‘student voice’ ideology, spearheaded by the student leaders, that works to alter the perceptions of their contemporaries.”

In one strategy, an onstage student-led skit delivers messages to the school community every Monday.

Robert McIntosh said: “The skits see our leaders deliver important messages in a humorous and unique manner that engages the student body and helps them look at issues differently.”

The leaders also have year level-specific projects, such as the creation by selected Year 9 students of a funny and informative video about NAPLAN.

“We felt NAPLAN was undervalued by students, but the video altered students’ preconceived views and NAPLAN results markedly improved,” he said.

“In 2017 we’ll expand our student voice through participation in conferences and the department-led Student Voice Working Group.”

Taminmin NAPLAN