Students learn from people they like

Simon Rowlands has been nominated for the Early Childhood and Primary Teacher of the Year Award.

Based in Alice Springs, the Bradshaw Primary School teacher believes in quality education that “targets the needs of individual learners and values what they bring to classrooms, schools and communities”.

“As an educator I believe the most effective teaching is founded on relationships,” he said. “I feel like I’m approachable and people are comfortable coming to me. Students don’t learn from people they don’t like.

“It’s vital that students are encouraged to believe in their own abilities. And while the early and primary school years contribute the building blocks of academic learning, they are also a time to teach children how to socialise and share with others, and form relationships that are the keys to happiness.

“As a teacher I have evolved in many ways, especially by developing patience and allowing my students time to respond, and by achieving outcomes for every student in my class.

“The most rewarding aspects of my work are the ‘I get it’ moments, when students excitedly grasp the meaning of something, and in being a reliable, fair, but challenging role model to the children I teach.

“Being nominated for this coveted award is a great acknowledgement of my work, but I think every educator at Bradshaw should get this kind of tribute.”

Simon Rowlands

Simon Rowlands