Room for drama

Drama education at Ross Park Primary School is benefiting from new space.

Drama education at Ross Park Primary School is benefiting from space newly created to accommodate 11 performing arts classes this semester.

Performing arts teacher Jess Mooney said the new classroom—previously the specialist music room—is a “great rehearsal area, houses props, and serves the senior choir”.

“It is a nice open and clutter free space that allows plenty of movement for singing, dancing, and all types of drama, including miming and comedy,” she said. “Stage blocks have been ordered for the students to perform on, and there is a costume room in which the school’s many costumes can be stored.

“A huge part of students’ learning last year involved the elements of drama, improvisation and twisted fairy tales, and this year they will read and perform from scripts, tackle Shakespeare and musicals. 

“Our students work really hard to put on readings, dances and plays at the Alice Springs Eisteddfod, and consistently win the trophy for the most entries, and many other trophies. And we present at Alice Can Dance at the Araluen Arts Centre.”

The students also perform skits at assemblies, produce class plays and an end of year concert.

Jess Mooney completed her performing arts degree at the Arts Academy at the University of Ballarat. She studied acting, singing and dancing, and taught performance skills to children and adults in Adelaide.

The Alice Springs teacher has a strong improvising, cabaret and musical theatre background, and taught dance in many Adelaide schools and in regional South Australia.

Ross Park drama room