Road safety makes sense to Aaliyah


Preschooler Aaliyah Malcolm is smiling broadly after qualifying for her Riders Licence. The four-year-old Ida Standley Preschool student took to her bike to demonstrate her superior knowledge of road safety protocols.

Teacher-in-Charge at the Alice Springs preschool, Jenny Earls, said 55 children received licences in this first year of testing.

“The assessment followed a visit by Hector the Road Safety Cat, and examined the children’s ability to respond to different road environments and ride safely on our bike track,” she said.

“The children practised crossing the road, made stop and go signs, roads, zebra crossings, traffic lights, and signs warning animals might appear before them. And we made a car from a box and discussed drivers’ reactions to various signs.

“Graduating as a safe rider meant exhibiting proficiency in several test areas, including stopping at a red light and a stop sign, slowing down at a zebra crossing, and parking their bike off the road.

“We embed road safety into our program by reading Hector books, placing signs on our bike track, singing road safety songs, and having goals of the week about safety on the track.”

Riders Licence

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