Pepsi’s primary school partnership

Sipepisewe was born on 20 May 2000 in Zimbabwe. The parents of the 17-year-old teenager, also known as Pepsi, died from HIV/AIDS.

But improving the life of Pepsi, and her siblings — sister Esnath and brother Faniso — has been the decade-long ambition of Larrakeyah Primary School.

Teacher Leisa Beynon said the family are “fantastic dancers who love to sing” but are also afflicted with “major learning difficulties”.

“Pepsi, her brother and sister, suffered shocking malnourishment in their formative years, affecting their ability to support themselves,” she said.

“Our Student Leadership Team are highly instrumental in raising money to cover the food, education, clothing and medical needs of Pepsi and her family.

“They fundraise through a variety of events, including dress-up days and the sale of Zooper Dooper iced treats, and report each year on the progress Pepsi has made.

“We are proud of the selflessness of our students, their sense of responsibility, and their pride and energy in helping Pepsi.”

Sipepisewe from Zimbabwe