Nude Food and Forrest Garden


A recent award of $2000 to Forrest Parade School will be used to install an aquaponics system in the school’s Forrest Garden.

The Nude Food Grant was bestowed after the school defeated more than 1000 schools in a national competition promoting nutritious, rubbish-free ‘nude’ lunches that reduce environmental pollution.

Assistant principal Faye Brooks-Jones said the contest applied to schools that “endorse the philosophy of nude foods and require assistance to implement nude food programs”.

“Our newly established Forrest Garden is teaching children that meals can be fresh and healthy,” she said.

“By growing fruit and vegetables in the garden, classes can go to the garden, pick just the amount that they need, and either eat the food fresh or take it to the kitchen to cook a healthy lunch — there is no packaging and no waste.

“Apart from emphasising the need to reduce waste, recycle materials and be health conscious, we are teaching children that not everything has to be bought, and plants can be continually grown and harvested from a garden designed to be sustainable.”

With the help of a Charles Darwin University expert the school will set up an aquaponics system, using the grant to purchase multiple large growing trays, expanded clay beads, a water pump, a 1000 litre plus water tank, and to defray plumbing costs.

The Forrest Garden is accessible to all students, and once completed will incorporate an outdoor classroom, sensory garden, worm garden, composting station and banana circle.

Nude food garden

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