Musica Viva builds music and cultural bridges

Bees Creek Primary School students are learning body percussion, martial arts’ movements and Indonesian, ahead of a visit by musical trio Makukuhan.

The practitioners of Indonesian Gamelan will provide rapid, visually arresting and percussion-rich performances as part of the Live Performance Plus program of Musica Viva.

The school’s performing arts teacher Deborah Unwin said the Transition to Year 6 students are learning to recognise the unique instruments played by Makukuhan, sing Javanese songs, and master the difficult Javanese clapping technique.

“Body percussion is using your body as an instrument to create a rhythmic sound, and can involve clapping your hands, stomping your feet, tapping your shoulders and knees, or a combination of these,” she said.

“The students are learning to count in Indonesian and appreciate the cultural significance of the Indonesian songs being taught.”
Ms Unwin believes the 5 June visit is an opportunity to explore unfamiliar instruments, a foreign language, develop gross motor skills and coordination, and learn creative body movements.

“Students in Darwin have little exposure to professional performances of the type offered by Musica Viva. Having such a fantastic trio come and perform at our school is an opportunity not to be missed.”


Last updated: 28 November 2017