Millner whiz kids in maths brain basher


Millner Primary School is fielding teams of students in the three-week Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians, a national competition attracting students from years 3 to 10.

The brain teaser will test the problem-solving talents of 13 participants drawn from Millner on the Move, the school’s program for gifted and talented students.

Assistant principal Nicole Fransen said the years 3 to 6 teams must resolve “four multi-layered problems based on the mathematical knowledge expected at their stages of learning”.

“The challenge aims to excite in students a joy of solving problems in mathematics, identify their talents, and recognise their achievements and levels of excellence,” she said.

“The teams of two or three students are persistent and determined, and enjoy working with others on these mind sharpeners.

“Even in the preparation stage they get so thrilled when they discover solutions, and you can really see their love of mathematics growing.”

Teams will decide the answers to conundrums in the challenge booklet, but members must provide independently written responses.

The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians targets the top 15 per cent of students in their year level. The school will run its first-time challenge during June.

Millner maths challenge
Millner maths challenge

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