Judo teacher reaches career high point

Dripstone Middle School teacher Emma Fisher has progressed from learning judo as a child, to international standing as a Level 1 Judo Instructor.

The promotion of the 20-year veteran of the martial art follows completion of an International Judo Federation course, and distinguishes her as one of four women in the nation to have achieved the qualification.

“Progressing to Level 1 means I can use international standard teaching methods, and I have an expanded understanding of the discipline,” she said.

“I have been teaching Judo full-time at the school for two years, offering lessons every weekday for a minimum of three hours, and after-hours tuition too.

“The school program covers theoretical aspects, such as Judo in a global and local community context, nutrition for athletes, and the training requirements of elite Judo athletes. The practical components include falling safely, left and right throwing, and learning combination techniques.

“The foundation principles of Judo — respect, honesty, integrity, friendship, discipline, politeness and courage — are also strongly emphasised in classes.”

The school operates an intraschool contest as part of the Dripstone Day festivities, this year attracting a record number of students to a two-hour challenge.

Emma Fisher teaches about 153 students each semester.


Last updated: 28 November 2017