Identity in a minute

Darwin High School student Mfaume Kakozi is the Territory winner of the SBS National Youth Week short film contest, this year adopting identity as the theme.

The 18-year-old Congo-born competitor, and former war refugee in Malawi, is one of five interstate winners to express his individuality and narrate his unique story in a one-minute video.

As a beginner in English and a student in the school’s Secondary Intensive English Unit, Mfaume was invited by his teachers to undertake the SBS challenge.

SIEU faculty senior Jenny Jenkinson said students in the unit were asked to participate in the contest, recognising it had the potential to “advance their understanding of English, and share their stories”.

The avid drummer was selected to join a week-long filmmaking and storytelling workshop in Melbourne before producing his movie, working with sister Safi, teacher Jenny Jenkinson, and an SBS production team.

Music became Mfaume’s escape from the daily ordeal of life in the Malawi refugee camp, and continues to enrich his life as an avenue for self-expression and happiness, and a vehicle for his ambitions.

“Mfaume believes no matter how hard things may be, they’ll get better if you keep working on them,” Ms Jenkinson said.

Principal Trevor Read said “Mfaume and his family have overcome unimaginable hardship in their endeavour to find a peaceful and safer life, and to find a place in the community.”

The film was launched at Darwin High School on Thursday 6 April.


Last updated: 28 November 2017