Geremy Pedrezuela charts new music highs

Battle of the School Bands aspirant Geremy Pedrezuela may not have qualified for the contest final, but for the soloist contender it was a first-time opportunity to create her own music.

The Centralian Senior College Year 12 Music student admits the inter-school challenge was a way to musically “express myself and show what I could do”.
“I’ve always been in somebody’s shadow, and Battle demonstrated my uniqueness, and that of my music,” she said. “In preparing for the competition I realised I could really get into the song and have a heartfelt moment, and that’s a strength.”

The Year 12 student took two months to craft her entry song, a pop and indie mix she performed in her inaugural appearance as a soloist.
“I am so happy with my improvements, including becoming more confident with myself on stage. It was a fantastic learning opportunity,” she said.
“My songs have so much meaning to me. Playing the guitar makes me so happy. I am passionate about music and I hope to pursue it as a career.”


Last updated: 28 November 2017