Djamarrkuḻi’ become mini rangers

In line with the National Quality Standards (QA6 collaborative partnerships with families and communities) and in cooperation with the local community, Yurrwi preschool djamarrkuḻi’ (children)have become mini rangers and are eagerly learning from Crocodile Islands Rangers

The Yurrwi djamarrkuḻi’ are participating in a blend of cultural, and land and sea management activities.

Teacher Gayle Chamberlain said the djamarrkuḻi’ meet weekly with the rangers in a session of “two-way learning”, a mixture of western and Indigenous knowledge.

“The djamarrkuḻi’ are really enthusiastic, and are wearing with pride shirts that have the Crocodile Islands Rangers logo ironed onto them,” she said.

“Among their many activities, the djamarrkuḻi’ learn to make paint for hand painting on bark, cut a Pandanus fruit to extract the edible nut, undertake bird surveys and learn about crocodile safety.

“The initiative ties into the rangers’ Youth Engagement Program, which includes the weekly junior ranger’s Learning on Country activities for middle and senior secondary students”.

The collaborative partnerships with families and communities is one of seven key areas of the National Quality Standard, part of the national benchmark for early childhood and care.

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