Computer confident and Scratch savvy

Anula Primary schoolchildren are working to master computer programming by developing their proficiency with the code language Scratch.

The beginners are part of the lunchtime Code Club, involving years 1 to 6 students, and a precursor to trials in early years’, middle and upper primary classrooms.

“Scratch is a simple and imaginative entry to the world of coding, and teaches children to use computational thinking in creative explorations,” said club creator and teacher Justina Cross.

“Students absorb skills in coding by working through projects, such as inventing computer games, animations and websites, following user-friendly pathways to learn coding.

“Many classes joined the annual Hour of Code, a variety of self-guided hour-long coding tutorials held in over 180 countries, and tailored to students’ year levels, experience, technology and subjects.”

More than 100 Anula Primary School students employ Scratch in Code Club and class sessions.

Image of Anula Primary Students
Anula Primary schoolchildren are learning computer programming.