Alliance art targets healthy relationships

An art contest focusing on safe and caring relationships attracted up to 100 entries from the Sanderson Alliance.

The alliance comprises schools, organisations and community members in Karama, Malak, Anula and Wulagi.

The Sanderson Alliance Art Award 2017 invited submissions of two-dimensional art, addressing the theme — Kind & Brave: everyone has a right to be safe and cared for. The award categories were early childhood, primary prize, secondary art, and adult community art.

Wulagi Primary school teacher Karen Cieri said all children have the right to “safe and caring relationships, free from exposure to the trauma of domestic violence”.

“We can make real change and benefit children by teaching them about, and surrounding them with, respectful and healthy relationships,” she said.

“Even small acts of kindness and compassion protect traumatised people and promote healing, and in being brave, we say ‘no more’ to family violence.

“Art can have profound healing effects, and the art awards are the public face of our strategy for the wellbeing of children and young people in the Sanderson area.”

Alliance award art
Alliance award art