Yirrkala’s eminent graduates


Yirrkala School recently celebrated the graduation of Gutiŋarra Yunupingu and Mundatjŋu Mununggurr.

Gutiŋarra Yunupingu has an acute hearing impairment. But undeterred by his disability he created a short, silent film entitled Life Under Water.

Yirrkala School principal Stuart Bramston said silent films have been an important expression of Gutiŋarra’s creativity, and have helped the wider community understand what life is like for the hearing impaired. Mundatjŋu Mununggurr completed a Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management and is now employed full-time as a ranger with the Dhimurru Ranger Group.

“I’m pleased the school offers a diverse range of programs to Indigenous students, particularly in creative industries and conservation,” Mr Bramston said. “The school provides important networking opportunities with local artists and rangers during students’ senior secondary study.

“All the staff and students at Yirrkala School, and the Yambirrpa School Council, are proud of the achievements of Gutiŋarra and Mundatjŋu.”

Yirrkala School graduates

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