Stepping stones to maths mastery

Girraween Primary School students are becoming more confident in dissecting mathematical conundrums using four proficiencies: understanding, fluency, problem solving, and reasoning.

The strategy encourages students to address open ended questions - requiring some thought – and feel comfortable deliberating during times of confusion.

Using the proficiencies helps students to share with their peers, and with teachers, their tactics for resolving mathematical challenges.

For students, the proficiencies are generating more interest in the mechanics of mathematics and the efficiency with which problems can be solved.

The school’s mathematics coach, Gillian Huxham, said the proficiencies are leading to more occasions of clarity and understanding.

“Students are getting a deeper level of understanding and are making the connections for themselves, rather than us leading them that way, and with these connections students are having more ‘Ah-ha’ moments,” she said.

Student studying maths book