Remote commission to examine change

Ngukurr School has formed a Student Commission to be leaders of learning in the school, and give students a voice. It follows the example of six Katherine schools that convened as the Northern Territory Learning Commission, a group comprising Casuarina Street, Clyde Fenton, Katherine South and MacFarlane primary schools, Katherine High School and Katherine School of the Air.

Teacher Lauren English said the commission, comprising 10 students from years 4 to 8, a teacher and an Indigenous staff member, will create an action plan designed to improve learning in the school.

“The commissioners will decide what evidence needs to be collected based on what they believe needs to be improved at the school,” she said.

“The goal of the commission is to increase student engagement in learning. The commissioners will brief teachers about the data they’ve collected, and the teachers will implement the action plan into their teaching and learning.

“We were told about the student commissions in some Katherine town schools, and we thought this would be an effective project for Ngukurr to take on board.”

students and staff members