Preschool students to benefit from the Territory’s first Preschool Curriculum


On Monday 25 July 2016, the Minister for Education launched the Northern Territory Preschool Curriculum which is being implemented in all government preschools across the Territory from Term 3, 2016.

The Northern Territory Preschool Curriculum is linked to the Australian Curriculum and provides continuity in learning from preschool to Transition, ensuring that children are best prepared to commence formal schooling.

The curriculum provides a consistent approach across all schools through high quality teaching and learning programs focusing on developing a solid base for literacy and numeracy, and English oracy.

The NT Preschool Curriculum is the first document to be written for the Territory in support of the national Early Years Learning Framework introduced in 2009. It provides practical detail, strategies and guidance for teachers and educators to support and implement the Being, Belonging, Becoming philosophy in all preschools across the Territory.

The curriculum addresses five key areas in children’s development: identity, communication, wellbeing, learning and thinking, and connectedness including how to interact fairly and respectfully with others.

Preschool teachers will be supported through professional development opportunities provided by the department in relation to the new curriculum.

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Read the NT Preschool Curriculum PDF (7.4 MB)

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