Maningrida mothers shine at school

Maningrida School students and young mothers, Bernice Baker and Alishia Darcy, have completed the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training—an accomplishment celebrated by the community.

At a graduation ceremony on 27 September, Maningrida School principal Miranda Watt applauded the two Indigenous women for their “perseverance and commitment” in completing their education after becoming mothers.

“Bernice and Alishia have been inspiring and outstanding members of the school community,” she said. “The graduation ceremony highlights the supportive environment at Maningrida School, where families and the local community celebrate the women as role models for our students and the community.”

Each day the mothers attended the Families as First Teachers program with their children, an involvement prompting the women to re-engage with Maningrida School and complete their education.

“Getting an education is very important to me because now I’ve got a new future ahead of me, so I can keep my culture strong and teach my daughter the same way,” Bernice said.

“Sometimes it was hard for me to come to school because I had a little baby to look after, but I kept coming and now I am graduating; this makes me feel proud of myself,” Alishia said.

Maningrida students and teachers