NAPLAN preliminary results show NT student improvement

The 2016 NAPLAN preliminary results show that the Northern Territory has made excellent progress. The NAPLAN results for year 3 students are once again leading the way with excellent improvements in reading, spelling, and grammar and punctuation.

Of the 20 measures for NAPLAN testing (five test domains by four year levels) we have seen an increase in 16 of those domains, with the largest gains being in writing.

Writing results for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 show a sharp increase in the proportion of students who are at or above the national minimum standards, from the 2015 results.

The improvements in Year 3 results reflect the Northern Territory Government’s investment in early childhood education, through better facilities and integrated learning programs.

Year 5 students have also improved across the domains of writing, numeracy and grammar and punctuation.

Year 7 and 9 students have made a significant improvement in writing, a testing domain that has been a challenge in previous years and an area that we have focused on in order to achieve improvement.

Participation rates this year are much higher than last year, particularly for Year 9 students in our standalone middle schools.

From mid- August families will receive the individual results for their children who participated in this year’s NAPLAN tests. These reports are a crucial indicator of performance for students and parents. The results provide valuable data to support good teaching and learning, and drive school improvement.

The 2016 NAPLAN preliminary results are something that teachers, students and parents should be proud of.

The full NAPLAN report is due to be released in late 2016 where greater detail and analysis will be available. A more detailed report of the 2016 NAPLAN results will be available in December.

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