Aaron Looks to the Future

Assistant Teachers continue to play an important role in educating Aboriginal students and helping connect students, schools and communities.

Assistant Teacher Aaron Mardi is a proud father and a strong man who is making a difference at Jilkminggan School near Katherine.

Aaron said he is proud to be a teacher and role model in his community.

“My dad left me when I was two and I didn’t get to do father-son time with him.” he said.

“But now I’ve got two kids of my own I get to do stuff that I haven’t done with my own dad, which brings me and my two boys really close.

My eldest boy is in my class, which is years five and six and I’m loving it.

As an Aboriginal teacher who lives in the community, Aaron is able to bring a unique perspective to his role.

“This past couple of month’s back we had sorry days, which affected the kids at school,” said Aaron.

“You’re a teacher and you’re there for them and to help them in any way. That’s where you step in to be a role model and tell the kids it ok to be sad.

I tell them it’s ok to be sad or angry. Don’t hide that feeling.

I am proud of myself because I am looking forward to my two boys.

It’s all about the kids’ future really.

Don’t give up on the kids. It’s their future.”


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Last updated: 19 December 2017