Review of the global school budget funding model

The Department commissioned Ernst & Young (EY) to conduct an independent review of the global school budget funding model, applicable to. The review scope was to assess the current school funding model for NT Government schools, and make recommendations on how it can be improved within available resources to ensure it is equitable, meets student need and is transparent and efficient.

School principals and business managers, departmental staff, and COGSO, the NTPA, the AEU and CPSU were consulted during the review.

EY has delivered their report and recommendations to the Department. Findings and recommendations are being analysed and will be delivered to the Minister for Education for consideration. It is important that recommendations are considered fully to understand the impact on our schools and students.

The full report will be released before the end of the 2017, with a timeline for implementation of accepted recommendations.

Last updated: 12 October 2017