Review of the global school budget funding model

The Department of Education has commissioned Ernst & Young (EY) to conduct an independent review of the global school budget funding model, applicable to all Northern Territory Government schools.

Review scope
The review will assess the current school funding model and make recommendations on how it can be improved to ensure it is equitable, meets student need and is transparent and efficient.  The review will cover:

  • The student needs-based funding model, including weightings.
  • What is paid for and managed by schools and what is paid for and managed centrally by the department.
  • The use of data and activity measures, including effective enrolment to calculate individual school budgets, and
  • The funding components of global school budgets, i.e. the targeted and variable components.

In conducting the review the consultant will consider:

  • Best practice school funding allocation models from other Australian jurisdictions,  with specific consideration of the Northern Territory context and models used to providing funding to students with disabilities.
  • Relevant available financial and student data, and
  • Input from stakeholders.

The views of stakeholders are important in assessing whether the global school budget funding model is meeting the needs of our students. EY will conduct targeted consultation with stakeholders to gain an in depth understanding of whether global school budgets are meeting student need.

EY will consult with principals and business managers from a cross section of 20 Territory schools. The schools have been selected as a sample of the range of schools across the Territory.

EY will also consult representative organisations including COGSO, NTPA, AEU and CPSU, to understand the views and experiences of members.

The review will commence in April 2017 with the final report and recommendations due to the Department of Education in August 2017.

Last updated: 19 June 2017