Remote teaching benefits

This page outlines the range of additional benefits if you are a teacher working in a remote location. 

Remote incentive allowance

You will receive a fortnightly allowance that is paid in addition to your salary. If you have recognised dependents you may be eligible to receive a higher allowance.

Remote retention payment

You are eligible to receive one lump sum payment after completing 12 months of continuous service.

Special study leave

Employees who undertake periods of service in defined remote localities in the Northern Territory accumulate credit points toward eligibility for special study leave. Where an employee has accumulated the requisite number of credit points they may submit to the Chief Executive Officer a proposal to be considered for utilisation of the eligible period of special study leave. 

Approval of special study leave is at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer and subject to Agency requirements.

Free housing for remote localities

You are provided with government employee housing in remote localities and receive a 100% rental concession.

Fares from isolated localities

You can access up to 3 airfares per year out of an isolated locality for yourself and your recognised dependents. 

These airfares will be to either Alice Springs or Darwin depending on your remote location.

Leave for business outside the community

You can use up to 4 business days per year to access services not available in the community.

Guaranteed transfer

If you are a classroom teacher and work in a remote locality for 3 or more years, you will be guaranteed a transfer to Darwin, Alice Springs or Katherine.

Special allowances

Under certain circumstances you may be eligible to collect a special allowance, in addition to the other allowances offered.

Personal leave

You will have access to up to 3 weeks paid personal leave per year. 

This leave can be used to cover personal illness or injury, or to provide care and support to an immediate family or household member.

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Last updated: 18 October 2017