Pay and conditions

This page has information on the pay and benefits you receive as a teacher working in the Territory.

Salary and allowances

Teachers in the Territory are among the highest paid in Australia. You will receive a competitive salary plus other allowances including recreation leave, personal leave, superannuation and leave loading.

Go to the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment website for information on teacher rates of pay and conditions of employment.

Relocation and storage

You may be offered assistance to relocate to, or within, the Northern Territory. 


On joining you will receive an orientation which provides guidance and essential information about the department, our schools and their communities. 

There is a focus on cross-cultural learning and how this impacts your work in the Northern Territory.

Career advancement

If you are interested in advancing your career you can apply for senior teacher, assistant principal and principal vacancies. 

Jobs are advertised on the erecruit website as well as the Northern Territory Government jobs website.

Professional learning

You will also have access to a wide range of professional learning programs. 

Charles Darwin University and the Batchelor Institute offer post graduate and other courses through on campus and off campus programs.

Laptop computers

You will receive a laptop computer, at no cost to you. 

This ensures you have up-to-date technology to assist with delivering programs, and gives you greater flexibility in working and preparing lessons. 

The Northern Territory Government is one of the few Australian jurisdictions that provides all teachers with a laptop computer at no cost to the teacher.


You can access paid or unpaid leave for a variety of purposes.

You are entitled to 6 weeks recreation leave per year (taken during school holidays). 

In general, you are not required to attend school during school vacation periods although you may use this time to undertake professional development or some preparatory work.

Maternity/parental leave

After 12 months of service, you can access to 52 weeks maternity leave, 14 weeks of which is paid. If you prefer, you can take the paid leave at half pay over 28 weeks.

The Northern Territory Government also gives you the option of accessing up to 6 years unpaid parental leave.

Work life balance

You have access to a number of initiatives to assist in balancing work and life commitments. 

Options include part-time work, job sharing, career breaks and the Northern Territory Public Sector Extended Leave Scheme.

Go to the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment website for more information on work life balance and extended leave.

Four wheel drive training

Four wheel drive (4WD) training for is provided for teachers and educators who live in or regularly commute to remote locations and who drive a 4WD vehicle during the course of their employment. 

You can undertake 4WD training either when you start employment, through the teacher orientation program, or by a request to the occupational health and safety consultant.

Remote teaching benefits

Remote teachers receive additional benefits. Read more about remote teaching benefits.

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Last updated: 12 October 2017